Your session has timed out. You will need to log-in again to continue using your account.

If you are being logged out of your account over and over again, you will need to enable session cookies. To do so, follow these steps:

For Internet Explorer 5.5 and below:
1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
2. Double-click Internet Options
3. Select the Security tab
4. Click Custom Level
5. Scroll to the prompt Allow per-session cookies
6. Select Enable and click OK to save your changes
7. Click OK

For Internet Explorer 6.0:
1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel (or Click Start, then Control Panel for Windows XP)
2. Double-click Internet Options
3. Select Privacy
4. Click Advanced
5. Check the box that reads "Override automatic cookie handling"
6. Check the box that reads "Always allow session cookies"
7. Click OK

If you continue to experience problems logging into Walagata, follow these steps:
1. Click Start
2. Go to Settings and click Control Panel
3. Click the Internet Options icon
4. Click Content
5. Scroll down and click Auto Complete
6. Click Clear Passwords and Clear Forms
7. Click General
8. Click Settings located in the middle of the screen
9. Click View Files on the bottom of the page
10. Select all of the items by going to Edit and then click Select All
11. Press Delete key on your keyboard
12. Close all windows by clicking OK

If this fails to resolve the issue, you will need to upgrade your browser. - Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Picture Hosting (Image Host)
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The HTML Workshop is fully integrated into your personal account. You can quickly create new HTML files, and then save your work to your account for immediate and future use. All HTML files uploaded to your account can also be edited in the Workshop. Auction templates are easily created and modified, and since your Walagata account can be accessed from anywhere in the world, your templates will be available to you from any computer with Internet access.

Keep Yourself Organized! With the ability to create an unlimited number of folders, it will be easy to manage your files and images.

Simultaneously modify any number of images in your account, or just a single image. Rotate, Resize, and add colored borders of any size and/or color, as well as a selection of 3D frames.

In just a couple of clicks, any numbers of images in your account can be converted to or from JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, or TIFF formats.

If you do not need to display your images in their full size every time, you can use the fully customizable thumbnails which are automatically generated for each image in your account. The text, color and size of your thumbnails can be altered to meet your needs.

Quickly create image layouts which are pre-formatted and ready to use on web-sites, auctions, or message boards. Layouts are compatible with the HTML Workshop, and can be saved and edited for future use.


50 MB storage space
8 GB bandwidth
Image Hosting
File Hosting
Remote Linking
Upload all file types
Upload videos or music
Upload your web-site
Built-in image editor
Full FTP Access

200 MB storage space
20 GB bandwidth
All Plus Features

500 MB storage space
30 GB bandwidth
All Plus Features

1000 MB storage space
50 GB bandwidth
All Plus Features

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